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Annual Orthotic Review

Here’s why an annual orthotic review is important to you.

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The situation.

So it’s been about 12 months since you started using your custom foot orthotics. And what a good year it’s been. Those painful symptoms are behind you, those goals of climbing that mountain, running that marathon or walking the big block are all achieved. You’re probably even eyeing off that next big physical challenge.

Well after 12 months your custom foot orthotics have taken hundreds of thousands (minimum) and more likely millions of steps with you. And most of us start out with just a single pair of orthotics too so there’s no rest for your sleek insoles.

In that time as your orthotics celebrate their first birthday a few things happen to them. They wear and they change. 

Sometimes this change is planned and perfect for our own adaptations. You might be a lot stronger a year later because of your exercise plan your podiatrist prescribed and you no longer need as much help from your orthotics as you did last year. 

Or you might have overcome that painful experience that lead you to get your orthotics and now you want to do more. Instead of battling daily foot or leg pain now you want to explore, run, climb and live again.

Well, there’s a few things you should sit down and go through with your podiatrist to celebrate your orthotics’ first birthday together🎂.

What Happens During Your Annual Orthotic Review

Firstly, you’ll get to see your podiatry team again. It’s important that this is a focussed visit on your annual orthotic review, your needs and your goals. Coming prepared with your orthotics (pretty obvious we think) as well as your most regularly used footwear. This will allow your podiatrist to assess the wear, changes and update you on any new shoe advice.

During the orthotic review process we will spend time on your orthotics. It’s very rare to wear out a pair of custom made orthotics in 12 months however the replaceable soft parts of the orthotic, the top cover and extra padding can compress in that time. If this is the case it’s a very simple refurbishment or replacement process for your podiatrist to turn your orthotic into something that feels brand new again.

The other big focus of the orthotic review is the person wearing the orthotics, you! We’ll re-assess and compare to our previous measures your pedal joint range and quality of movement. We’ll look at your strength, flexibility and conduct gait analysis either walking, running or both.

This allows us to adjust your program of either exercise, footwear, orthotic dosage or orthotic support levels to allow you to achieve your next set of goals on your feet.

Advantages of an Annual Orthotic Review

Improve longevity of your current orthotics

Improve your foot and leg strength, flexibility and capacity

Trouble-shoot any footwear issues

Re-furbish or replace soft wearable materials on top of your orthotic for comfort

Get a 2nd or subsequent pair of orthotics at a reduced price – often for minimal or zero out of pocket expense as private health rebates reset annually.

Take Action

To schedule your annual orthotic review you can do that by calling us in clinic, or making your appointment with our podiatrists online here.

Standard consultation fees apply for your annual orthotic review.

Take care of your orthotics and they’ll take care of you.

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