Sports Physiotherapy

Sports injuries are often the gateway to many people seeing a physio for sports physiotherapy. Sports injuries are therefore the price we pay for living entertaining, active and healthy lives.

When a sports injury occurs, it can often be quite different in nature to an injury sustained during day-to-day living. The more force involved, the more repetition of movement, and the mental urge to get back to your best makes sports physio a unique proposition.

With years of experience treating sports injuries with sports physiotherapy, our physiotherapy team in Pascoe Vale Pride themselves in getting to the most important aspects of your sports injury as quickly as possible.

For most of us, this starts with a “How many weeks?” discussion and moves through the physiotherapy process to help you return to sport at your finest.

Why Sports Physiotherapy Works

Sports physiotherapy works in much the same way that all physiotherapy works:

  • Taking an injury or pathology
  • Working out the factors contributing to it
  • Working out the risks
  • Establishing the goals you want to achieve

From there, applying specific physiotherapy techniques relating to touch and sports massage, load optimisation and capacity building will get you back at the top of your game.

sports physiotherapy
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What is Sports Physiotherapy?

Sports physiotherapy is for sporting injuries. They can be injuries sustained at the pointy end of the elite sport spectrum, all the way down to the weekend warrior coming off the push bike second-best in a no-fault accident.

Need to get back to football ASAP and trying to balance out the risks associated with that? Sports physio is for you.

Need to rehabilitate that overuse running injury to complete and compete in the next Melbourne Marathon? Sports physio is for you.

With PridePlus Health, a sports physiotherapy assessment will be tailored to your needs, your injury and your goals.

The PridePlus Health Approach to Sports Physio

Our approach to your sports physio applies our expertise, experience and genuine passion for sports to your injury.

There are a few different phases of sports injury which require different tactics:

1. Acute Injury

The initial shock and trauma will require an expert diagnosis and initial management planning. Our physiotherapy team in Pascoe Vale use their honed clinical skills and investigative powers to establish the extent of the injury. There may be referrals for scans and discussion with other health professionals (think GPs, Radiologists, Podiatrists and Surgeons) as required.

2. Sub-Acute Injury/Early Rehab

Establishing the optimal load to place through tissues undergoing repair as well as maintaining function and fitness to reduce the risk of muscle/fitness loss. This allows for a safe and early return to the sport with managed risks of injury recurrence.

3. Late Rehab

At this point, function is close to being restored, perhaps modified training is underway. Your physiotherapist will guide you through the final stages to get you back at your best. During this time there is often cross over with expert exercise physiologists and coaches to finalise your rehabilitation.

Common Conditions Treated with Sports Physiotherapy

The types of injuries we suffer when playing sports are as varied as the sports themselves.

Dancers and Lawn Bowlers or Wicket Keepers and Rovers are all sports athletes who are prone to injury but due to the difference in demands required, suffer from different injury patterns. 

In Pascoe Vale, there are a few clear favourite injuries which come into our clinic for sports physio:

If you’re looking to get started on your sports physiotherapy treatment, you can secure your assessment and start with our Physiotherapy team in Pascoe Vale.

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