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shockwave treatment for plantar fasciitis in melbourne if it feels like you stepped on a stone when you get out of bed in the morning

Shockwave Treatment For Plantar Fasciitis In Melbourne

Is your heel sore in the morning?

This if for you if you’re suffering with plantar fasciitis in Melbourne.

plantar fasciitis in melbourne feels like sharp pain under heel when you get out of bed in the morning

Do you dread putting your feet on the floor in the morning?

Have you tried stretching your arch and calf to no avail?

You feel ok during the day and think – maybe it’s getting better? But then next morning when you get out of bed it feels like standing on a stone again?

You’ve tried anti-inflammatories which help you feel a little better but you know they’re not fixing the problem and worried about their side effects.

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Book your initial podiatry session online at a convenient time that suits you

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Start your shockwave treatment cycle

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Step out of bed with a spring in your step again

Shockwave Treatment For Plantar Fasciitis

💊 Drug Free

Shockwave treatment for plantar fasciitis is safe with minimal side effects

💉 Needle Free

Non-invasive with no sharps

👩‍🔬Proven Effective

Multiple large clinical trials have shown shockwave therapy to be a successful treatment for plantar fasciitis


Effects can be felt immediately and treatment cycles range from 3 to 6 sessions

achilles tendonitis in pascoe vale with physiotherapist

Spring out of bed like 20 year old you again and stop limping and worrying. Start treating your plantar fasciitis in Melbourne today.

Massive thanks to Tim who was able to diagnose and rectify my issue quickly and professionally. Tim was super friendly and explained everything clearly throughout my appointment, as well as a follow up video. Very friendly team at the practice. Would highly recommended!
I was hesitant to visit a podiatrist, but after reading reviews about Pride Podiatry, I decided to give it a try. Tim was great, listened to my concerns, and after the session, sent me a video explaining how we were going to address my issue. I’m looking forward to resolving my problem in the coming weeks!
I am so grateful to have found Tim Mulholland at Pride Podiatry! I arrived at the friendly clinic in pain and disillusioned. I left with confidence and the knowledge that my injury will heal and that I can work on prevention and strengthening too. Tim was so through in his assessment and he kindly answered all my anxious questions. The follow up email and video with my personalised plan was simply amazing!
Went to see Tim who was recommended to me by my sister. I've been having nail issues for 5 years, seen numerous doctors who all couldn't find out what the issue was. Tim picked it up straight away and I've finally started treatment thank you very much fantastic service
My first podiatry experience , had Tim Mulholland to educate me and help me with my heels. He is friendly and easy to talk to podiatrist with great insight towards what i need to do about my heels.
I'm really delighted with my appointment.Dr. Tim was really kind, understanding, informative, and attentive. He was really professional. I strongly recommend him.
I had a great session with Dr Tim and am so glad I chose pride Podiatry! Tim was very friendly, informative, caring and helpful. I think it's excellent that Tim provides videos in his follow-up email, as sometimes as a patient you're taking in a lot of new information after a doctor's appointment. The staff at the front desk was also lovely and made me feel welcome to the clinic. In comparison to my previous experience elsewhere- Pride Podiatry appears to take a contemporary approach to the overall client experience by using videos, ensuring excellent customer service and having a modern interior fit out. All these details made the appointment feel less stuffy/clinical, but warm and inviting instead. Highly recommend.
I met Tim Mulholland yesterday for a first ever podiatry session to treat an ingrowing toenail. I’m generally not keen on having any kind of procedure, but Tim was extremely understanding and helped to put me at ease in a very professional manner. The treatment undertaken was painless and efficiently delivered, and the ongoing management plan to ensure resolution was clearly communicated. I wouldn’t hesitate to return to see Tim for further issues and would highly recommend him.
Tim was extremely professional: although he knew I would probably not be back, he was very thorough when acessing my health details before starting the treatment. This he did very carefully and I left feeling extremely well. Thank you, Tim and if you ever come to Portugal please contact me. When I get back home I will send you the information you requested.
Tim is an amazing Podiatrist. Really caring and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend
First time visiting a podiatrist for some toe nail issues. I had Tim from the clinic who was great and the human being - he helped successfully fix my feet issues. Definitely recommend for anyone looking for a podiatrist in the Melbourne cbd with feet or toe nail issues.
Tim was so friendly and helpful with the foot and achilles issue I went in for. He did a thorough assessment and provided insight and advice into the pain I was experiencing. I left feeling very optimistic that my issue wasn't as bad as I had originally thought and with the exercises prescribed, I should be able to go for a jog again in the not-too-distant future.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a booking?

You can book online below through our portal with our friends from Pure Physio. Click through and choose Podiatry, Collins St and then an appointment time that suits you. We recommend choosing the 60 minute session for your session.

How much does my shockwave treatment cost?

There’s a $15 surcharge on top of your podiatry session which is $150 for a 60 minute session or $115 for a 30 minute session.

Is my treatment covered by private health insurance?

If you have podiatry cover in your private health insurance you’ll get a rebate and only have to pay the gap (via Hicaps) for your podiatry session to treat your plantar fasciitis in Melbourne.

Is shockwave treatment painful?

We’re not going to lie, there’s a mild initial discomfort when starting shockwave therapy but it feels (although has a completely different method of action) like a good deep tissue massage release.

How often and how long will I need to treat my plantar fasciitis?

While you’ll feel the improvements immediately it a full treatment cycle usually takes between 3 and 6 sessions spread over as many weeks.

What if it turns out I don’t have plantar fasciitis?

If shockwave isn’t likely to help you we won’t waste your valuable time. We’ll work out your diagnosis and what you can do to treat it. You’ll have your personalised treatment plan to achieve your goals.

Who isn’t shockwave treatment for?

Shockwave treatment for plantar fasciitis in Melbourne isn’t for anyone with bone tumours, haemophilia or during pregnancy. It’s also not for acute injuries like achilles tendon ruptures.

Secure your session for your plantar fasciitis in Melbourne now

Book online below, choose Podiatry, Collins Street and a time that suits you.

We’ll be ready to do the rest. Your assessment, diagnosis and shockwave treatment can start right away. But if shockwave treatment isn’t appropriate for your heel pain don’t worry. We won’t waste your time. We’ll tell you and give you an appropriate treatment plan to help.


Still not convinced?

If you’ve struggled with plantar fasciitis in Melbourne for a long time it might seem a bit far fetched that a new treatment can help you overcome your sore and stiff mornings. Here’s one of our podiatrists with his experience with shockwave treatment for his sore heel.

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