For Referrers

No referral is needed to see any of our PridePlus Health team however a referral can be a useful way to facilitate your clients’ journey to us. Whilst a referral is not required they can be a way to open up funding to assist timely access to quality healthcare. Refer your patient's Podiatry, Exercise Physiology & Physiotherapy journey to us.

You can email referrals to

Good old snail mail to any of our locations will also get your clients referral through.

Our Clinics

Melbourne CBD
4/52 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000
170 Queen St, Melbourne, VIC 3000


Pascoe Vale
124 Kent Rd, Pascoe Vale, VIC 3044


1 Murphys Way, Emerald, VIC 3782

On your referral please include any relevant clinical information you would like to hand over to our team. Things like medications, treating team of relevance (GP/Surgeon/Trainer/Run Coach etc.) and any specific requests (such as please assess for orthotics or please plan for a return to sport).

For clients to access rebates via Medicare, DVA, WorkSafe, and the TAC there are some specifics that are required for transparency, compliance and safety.

Medicare Podiatry, Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology Completed GP Management Plan (Medicare item 721)
Completed Team Care Arrangement (Medicare item 723)
Completed CDM (formally EPC) Referral Form (-Refer to PridePlus Health and nominated allied health service(s) -Note how many allocated visits for each allied health service -Signed and dated)
Group Service Referrals to EP’s Completed GP Management Plan (Medicare item 721)
Completed a GP Referral form for Group Allied Health Services under Medicare for patients with type 2 diabetes (can be found HERE)
DVA Podiatry, Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology Written referral on GP’s letterhead which includes the client's name, DOB, address and contact details including the client’s DVA number.
The service referred to (Podiatry, Physiotherapy or Exercise Physiology) must be referenced as well as reason for referral.
WorkSafe Physiotherapy and Podiatry No referral is necessary to commence therapy, although a referral can facilitate an easy transition to our service. A basic referral with client details, injury details and history is preferred but not required.
TAC Podiatry, Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology A referral is recommended prior to commencing therapy. The referral should include client and referrers particulars, reason for referral and history. Any specific requests are to be outlined as well. The claim number needs to be identified.

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