Physiotherapy from Melbourne's Leading Physiotherapists

Our highly-trained and experienced physiotherapy specialists are here to help you learn about your body and will use evidence-based techniques so you can achieve your goals.

Sometimes this involves careful manipulation of joints and muscles to facilitate tissue repair. Sometimes it’s learning and completing the right exercises to enhance, grow and recover. Other times, it will encompass education and learning about the various processes which go on inside our bodies every day which contribute to pain and loss of performance.

Usually, we need a combination of all these, and more, to get us back to our best.

Is Physiotherapy for You?

Physiotherapy at PridePlus is for you if you’re injured, coming back from injury, interested in reducing your injury risk, looking to elevate performance or living with chronic medical conditions.

That’s basically all of us, right?

physio for back pain

How Can Physiotherapy Help?

Our physiotherapists (physios) will work with you, listening and learning from you before getting stuck into the hands-on assessment. We work like detectives picking up on clues from life experiences, letters from referrers like GPs or surgeons, information that our trained hands tell us and physical tests to identify the why’s and how’s of what has happened. Using all of this information, we will then provide a personalised plan for you.

We can help with:

Your Unique Physio Care Plan

Your personal care plan is just that – personal. It will be tailored exactly to your needs.

You might need to see the physiotherapist for one session or a few. You may be using our gym for rehabilitation. Our Pascoe Vale physios work collaboratively with our entire team of health professionals and may recommend a treatment plan which includes Exercise Physiologists for whole body health improvements with exercise, and Podiatrists to provide expert assessment and load management in lower limb cases.

One thing you can be sure about, our team at PridePlus Health are here to provide you with the very best health outcome.

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