Sports Injury Treatment with Physiotherapy

In Australia we love sports! The physical and mental health benefits from being active and engaged within a sporting community are immense but when pushing ourselves to perform at our best injuries can occur.

Our PridePlus Health Physiotherapy team in Pascoe Vale have years of experience treating the acutely injured athlete. Depending on the type of physio sports injury and at what stage along the healing process a physiotherapy assessment is undertaken (hint: the earlier the better!) your personalised management plan will be just that, personal.

Sports Injury Treatment using Physio

A few things you can expect along the way are:

Acute Injury
The initial shock and trauma will require an expert diagnosis and initial management planning. Our physiotherapy team in Pascoe Vale use their honed clinical skills and investigative powers to establish the extent of the injury. There may be referrals for scans and discussion with other health professionals (think GPs, Radiologists, Podiatrists and Surgeons) as required.

Sub-Acute Injury/Early Rehab
Establishing the optimal load to place through tissues undergoing repair as well as maintaining function and fitness to reduce the risk of muscle/fitness loss. This allows safe and early return to the sport with managed risks of injury recurrence.

Late Rehab
At this point function is close to being restored, perhaps modified training is underway. Your physiotherapist will guide you through the final stages to get you back at your best. During this time there is often cross over with expert EP’s and coaches to finalise your rehabilitation.

If you or a loved one are suffering from sports injuries, book in with our expert physios in Pascoe Vale for your sports injury assessment and treatment plan.

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