FREE Online Physio Session - Pascoe Vale

Are you in pain? Sore neck? Creaky knees? Twinged your back?

We know pain, and we know how to fix it.

Our Pascoe Vale physio Dom has a master’s degree in physio, bachelor's degree in exercise science and over 10 years experience working as a physio, massage therapist and strength and conditioning coach.

Dom’s offering a select number of FREE online video physio sessions where he will start solving your pain puzzles with you.

physiotherapist in pascoe vale

Dominic Tan - Physiotherapist

As a physio and athlete, Dominic has a special interest in strength and conditioning. He enjoys the challenge of working with individuals through various conditions. Dom loves to help you move better and have greater confidence in your ability. Dom completed his Masters of Physiotherapy from Curtin University in WA. Prior to that he completed a sports and exercise degree and worked in the strength and conditioning field alongside amateur and professional athletes. When Dom is not treating at PridePlus Health, he can either be found sports climbing or bushwalking around the hills and valleys of Melbourne.

*After your free online session you might benefit from hand on, face to face physiotherapy treatment which we can arrange in our Pascoe Vale clinic. You could also benefit from further exercise sessions. The cost of these is between $49 - $80 depending on whether they are in clinic, online or a combination of the two. 

**As physiotherapy is a registered allied health profession you can receive rebates from many private health insurers, worksafe, and medicare if you have appropriate referrals or coverage.

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