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free online diabetic foot check test from experienced podiatrists to prevent diabetic foot ulcer

Online Diabetic Foot Check

Developed by our team of podiatrists with over 30 years experience saving, treating and working with the diabetic foot. Our free online diabetic foot check is a test you can complete in under 5 minutes. You’ll find out if your feet are of low, moderate or high risk of complications.

There’s no obligations and no emails required to get your results. If you have diabetes we’re passionate about helping you live your best life on your feet. If you’d like to learn more about how to look after your feet you can. At the end of the test leave your details and one of our podiatrists will reach out.

A word of warning. Our the free online diabetic foot check is not a replacement for seeing your podiatrist at least once per year. The recommended minimum for people with diabetes in Australia. The test below is geared to helping you determine what your risk level is to empower you to get the most from your feet.

Take the test below to check your feet.

Diabetic Foot Check

You can complete the diabetic foot check by clicking “Let’s Start” above.

Can’t See Let’s Start or Test Not Loading?

Damn. Not all browsers allow interactive content on the page – but no problems! You can click here to open the test in a new window.

Now you’ve taken the test – what to do next?

You can learn about why everyone with diabetes should see a podiatrist. Or you can take charge of your diabetes and lower your blood sugars with the Sugar Burners 🔥 diabetes program.

If you’re in need of an appointment with any of our experts you can book online with us here.

Understanding Your Diabetic Foot Check Results

Almost every diabetes related foot complication is preventable. There’s some scary statistics that relate to amputation, ulceration and mortality however these statistics need to be recognised for what they are. A view of a large group of people. A group of people who have diabetes but were not able to put in place strategies and solutions to prevent their complications.

Now that you have your results, you can move away from being one of those statistics. Armed with the knowledge about your foot risk level you can engage with the right prevention strategies for your life and your feet.

Even More

If you’d like to learn about specific risk levels and how to look after your feet we’ve created videos and written advice for you as well.

🔴 High Risk of Diabetes Foot Complications

🟡 Moderate Risk of Diabetes Foot Complications

🟢 Low Risk of Diabetes Foot Complications