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Movement Is Medicine

Mike here – I’m one of our Exercise Physiologists working in our Pascoe Vale clinic and also offering sessions online. Let me explain about how Movement Is Medicine. It’s the theme for Exercise Right Week (May 25 – 31). Read on!

Exercise Right Week 2020 – #MovementIsMedicine

[Exercise Right Week May 25 – 31]Did you know?❌ 50% of Australians aren't getting enough physical activity❌ 1/2 Australians suffer from a chronic medical condition❌ 45% of Australians battle with a mental health condition during their lifetime✅ #ExerciseRightWeek2020 is an opportunity for us all to take stock and get moving in our own ways to improve our health and wellbeing.Here's more from our Exercise Expert! EP Mike.You can learn more about #ExercisePhysiology here 👇https://prideplus.com.au/exercise-physiology/

Posted by PridePlus Health on Sunday, 24 May 2020

Movement Is Medicine

Prevention And Management Of Disease

So many diseases and illnesses can be lessened and prevented with evidence based exercise, hence the phrase “movement is medicine”.

Smart Living

Movement that improves your physiology is the BEST way to manage your health, in partnership with making well informed choices about your health, such as sleep, nutrition and managing stress.

Social Connection

Movement is a way of connecting with others in your community whilst looking after your physical health. It can be with small group classes (Strong To The Bone, Diabetes Classes). Also, connecting in the virtual with us via online telehealth. There’s also small group outdoor activities like walking; and my favourite golfing.

Self Confidence And Sense Of Achievement

There’s no better feeling than reaching a goal that requires discipline and motivation to do so. Regular exercise helps you achieve things and get more done.

Whether it’s productivity at work, your personal relationships, lowering the golf handicap, getting to the shops, trimming the hedges, enjoying the next holiday, looking after the grandchildren… Being active and making the best of your health with exercise is the key.

Value For Money

Exercise and movement is one of the best value investments you can make! Whether it’s no cost walking, or low cost like seeing an expert here at PridePlus Health.

Movement as medicine is unbelievably good value for money!

If you’re ready to join me for a one-one-one session, our groups or online you can secure your place online of by calling us on 9304 0500.

There’s More

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