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Looking For a Personal Trainer in Pascoe Vale?

Personal Trainer? What you need is an EP.

Are you looking for a personal trainer in Pascoe Vale

I know a lot of you are.

We see how many searches are conducted for personal training in Pascoe Vale every month. 

You see personal training is something that people often confuse with Exercise Physiology. I still get called a personal trainer by some clients despite not having put that hat on for many years.

My background as an Exercise Physiologist (EP) came by way of personal training. I spent 5 years working in fitness as a personal trainer before knuckling down and studying to become an Accredited Exercise Physiologist with ESSA (Exercise & Sports Science Australia).

So let’s break through some misconceptions about personal trainers and Exercise Physiologists. 

5 Reasons You Need an Exercise Physiologist

1. EP’s are gym and exercise experts.

As EP’s we use both science and clinical experience to help you get fit and healthy. We know alot about physiology and understand the challenges people face when changing lifestyles and breaking old habits. 

We get it – we are expert trainers in lifestyle modification and goal setting.

2. EP’s have completed a five year university qualification specialising in exercise.

EP’s are among the most qualified health professionals in Australia to prescribe exercise. 

We cater for everyone but treat a wide range of conditions – from the young and healthy to the old and vulnerable. 

In Pascoe Vale most of us have or will develop a chronic disease or injury in our lifetime. 

It’s peace of mind knowing that working out with an EP will help us understand and overcome these issues. We train those with cancer, osteoporosis, anxiety, metabolic syndrome and so much more.

3. EP’s specialise in safe and effective exercise for every individual.

There’s an increased risk of getting injured when trying to get fit if we are doing it alone or without proper guidance and support. This risk is heightened if you are deconditioned, have a chronic disease, or want to get more out of your workouts. 

An EP knows all there is to know when it comes to getting stronger and healthier and will help mitigate the risk of injury. 

We treat everyone uniquely. EP’s understand that all of us are different and so our personal training needs to be too.

4. EP visits are rebateable

If you have a referral from your GP and fit certain eligibility criteria medicare rebates can be claimed for your EP training sessions. 

Also you will be supported to access EP through Worksafe if you have a work injury, the TAC if you had a motor vehicle accident, or via private health insurers. 

Why do these rebates apply? 

Because they work!

Insurers and the holders of the public purse strings know that if you’re engaging with EP your risk of making big expensive hospital claims drops.

5. We collaborate with your other healthcare providers

You need a team looking out for you to maintain your optimal health. 

We work with your GP, podiatrist, physio, dietician, surgeon to maximise results. 

EP’s share their knowledge with you and the other members of your healthcare team. Everyone working together with you in the centre means your health is our focus.

One of my favourite aspects of being an EP is the teaching side of things.

The gym becomes a fitness classroom and as your knowledge grows about getting fit your results get better.

The Difference Between an Exercise Physiologist and a Personal Trainer

Exercise Physiologist in Pascoe ValePersonal Trainer in Pascoe Vale 
Qualifications5 Year University Degree.
Bachelor of Exercise Science and Masters of Exercise Rehabilitation or Masters of Clinical Practice. 
Over 300 hours of practical clinical training.
Certificate IV in Fitness.
Can be studied online and takes between 6 weeks to 6 months to complete.
Covered by medicare?YesNo
Covered by private health insurance?YesYes
Covered by TAC, Worksafe, DVA?YesNo
Expert in providing safe exercise advice and treatment for a wide range of people with chronic disease, pain and injuries?YesNo
Skilled in prescribing person centred exercise that enables clients to self manage through education and empowerment?YesNo
Skilled in prescribing exercise for healthy populations and for sports performance?YesYes

What you really need is an Exercise Physiologist to work with you, guide you, push you and train you.

We have appointments available during business hours and evenings to cater for all. 

To book in with me you can head here and click through to Exercise Physiology, select your time and you’re set. 

If you would like to learn more about our services such as our Group Exercise Classes, Diabetes Exercise Classes or what types of exercise are best for you have a read through our blog.