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Listen To Your Body

Fatigue, soreness, muscle tightness, anxiety and stress tell us our physiology is not as it should be. It’s OK to experience these feelings from time to time, however learning strategies to manage and minimise their negative effects is essential to living a healthy and happy life. I have spent my career as an EP helping clients from all walks of life to achieve their best selves by listening to their bodies.

Read on for my 5 Key Tips to become an expert at Listening To Your Body

  1. Make an appointment to see an EP.

An EP (Exercise Physiologist) will design an evidence based exercise routine that focuses on your individual needs. An EP is tertiary qualified and specialises in behavioural and movement change, exercise prescription and chronic disease management. A good EP will have an established relationship with your GP, Physio, Podiatrist or whoever makes up your healthcare team, and will collaborate with them to deliver the best care to you.

  1. Keep an exercise diary.

Planning your exercise is essential. For most of us leading busy lives exercise doesn’t just happen. We have our work, family and social responsibilities to live up to and these demands often force exercise to the end of our to do list. By scheduling and planning your exercise routine you will achieve your goals and consistently make gains in the areas you’re targeting. Your diary and plan should be graded and consistent to enable you to improve at a sustainable rate and minimise the risk of injury and burnout. It also enables you to reflect on your exercises and modify the plan accordingly.

  1. Technique is the key to success.

Performing exercise with correct movements that minimise injury and maximise outcomes is essential. Moving correctly is more important than exercising harder or doing a PB in training. Those of us that move well move for longer than those who don’t and get injured. Elite athletes don’t train at 100% game or race pace and neither should we when trying to lead healthy lives. Perform your exercise correct, with technique and loading taken into account and variation when required.

  1. Rest and recovery is essential

Begin your exercise journey with moderate amounts and schedule rest days. Sleep is a must too – good quality sleep. Build up your intensity slowly and gradually increase difficulty when you know you can.

  1. Improve your health literacy

Read, listen, and communicate with experts. For example you can access high quality, evidence based exercise information on numerous websites – the ESSA (Exercise Sports Science Australia) website is a terrific resource to gain a deeper understanding of exercise and how it can help you. Your PridePlus Health team has a bounty of information in clinic and online. Also your GP should be able to recommend an EP to see, and if you are eligible, can refer you for rebateable services under Medicare.

Here’s to many more of us listening to our bodies and having a wonderful year ahead.