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How Well Do You Know Your Tradies?

At PridePlus Health we love our tradies. We need our girls and boys on the tools to keep our clinics and homes safe, warm and standing. We also see many of our tradies on their worst days, when they’ve been injured at work. Our physiotherapy team has put together this quiz to see how well you know your tradies.

Did You Know Your Tradies?

How did you go? Did you know just how many people we have in the trades in Australia and how often they get injured? Where you surprised at the results?

We’re passionate about keeping our tradies safe, active and at work at PridePlus Health. We’ve created content around the best work boots to ensure our trades men and women are putting their best foot forward to start. We’re also keen supporters of the Australian Physiotherapy Association’s push for Tradies Health Month.

Our physiotherapy team also provide leading return to work plans and injury prevention programs in the workplace to keep our local legends going.

If you’re a tradie or have one in your life who would benefit from some quality health care you can reach out to us or book an appointment online at our clinics.

About The Author

naveena expert physiotherapist in Pascoe Vale

Naveena Seethapathy is an experienced physiotherapist who knows workplace injuries and the trades like few others. She has the elite title of APA Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist and is accredited as an early intervention physiotherapist with Worksafe & TAC.

If it’s a workplace injury, risk assessment or injury prevention program Naveena is your go to physio.


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Halt is an organisation that promotes mental health and suicide prevention in the trades. They run great local programs and breakfast campaigns like “save your bacon” to promote mentally well workplaces.