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Group Exercise Update June 2021

After another gruelling lockdown in Pascoe Vale we’re excited to be welcoming back our Group Exercise Classes.

And we’re back with a big improvement!

Group Exercise Classes can now be scheduled and paid for online.

Summary of Changes

  • Phone number for groups is now 📞 03 9068 0966
  • Book and pay for your Group Exercise Class online here
  • If you want to pay via cash or claim a medicare rebate you will still have to pay in clinic after you finish your class

That’s right, no more phone calls and spending time on hold just to schedule or reschedule an appointment. No more waiting to pay at the front desk. We’ve developed a smooth process where bookings can be sorted straight from your phone (through app or browser) or on the web.

There will be a phone number change for Group Exercise Classes, most relevant for those who do not use smart phones or the internet.

No longer will the PVH Medical phone line (03 9304 0500) handle group exercise bookings or enquiries. All group exercise calls must now come through to the PridePlus Health Client Experience Team on (03 9068 0966).

All bookings that were scheduled for June 2021 have been transferred to the new system. If you had scheduled your classes from July onwards you will need to do that via the new system.

If you have already paid for a SuperPass up front you can select Pay Later when making your booking. Your EP or Physio will ensure you get your visits. If you’d like to purchase a SuperPass you can also do that through the app or webpage and apply the “credits” to your session when booking.

How To Book

Here’s a short walkthrough of the booking page. To ensure you get a reminder SMS you’ll need to enter your mobile number.

You’ll have the option to pay when booking or pay later.

If you choose to pay later you will still have to line up after your Group Exercise Class in Pascoe Vale.

Why We Made The Change For You

After overwhelming demand to be able to book classes online and an inability for the current practice management software in Pascoe Vale to handle these requests we’ve moved our Group Exercise Classes scheduling to a secure, cloud based service.

This will allow you to book or change your own sessions at any time of the day or night.

It will save you time as you leave too if you choose to pay up front.

For those who still prefer the comfort of cash, or if you’re eligible for a medicare rebate you can still pay in clinic after your session has finished.

We also understand that this is a change. There’s still a chance that there will be teething problems as we migrate systems. We’ll do everything in our power to ensure that there is as small an impact on everyone as we possibly can.

During this time communication is paramount. If you have any questions at all you’d like to discuss about the new Group Exercise Class booking system please call us on 03 9068 0966 or drop an email to team@prideplus.com.au with your question or feedback.

We’re Looking Forward To Welcoming You Back!

From the entire PridePlus Health Group Exercise Team, we’re thrilled to have you back in The Strong Room with us. Your classes will continue to be conducted in a COVID safe environment.