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free online heel pain test developed by expert foot doctor and podiatrist

Free Online Heel Pain Test

Our expert podiatrists and physiotherapists have developed a free online heel pain test for you to find out what is causing the pain in your heel. If you have heel pain, start here.

Heel Pain Test

Can’t see the test above or having trouble loading the test? Some browsers don’t like interactive content. If the test does not load above you can open it here.

How To Use The Heel Pain Test

To complete this test you’ll need less than 2 minutes and a few answers about your heel pain. Think about what the pain feels like, more than just pain, but the type of pain. Is it sharp or is it more of an ache? Other questions about when you have your pain are important. Some conditions are more sore when we are active on our feet, and others hurt more when we are at rest.

Once you’ve followed the prompts above you’ll have the option of reviewing the results and learning more about your condition. The information we’ve put together is from experienced podiatrists and physiotherapists. People who have seen hundreds and thousands of cases of heel pain in their careers.

Completed the test and ready to start treatment? You can do that with our podiatry team at any of our clinics.

What The Test Can Do

This online heel pain test has been created to guide you towards the likely cause of your heel pain. The questions and flow have been created by experienced foot and ankle experts like podiatrists.

By following along in under two minutes you’ll have a good idea about what is causing your heel pain.

What The Test Can’t Do

It’s important to remember, that this test is still general advice. It’s not specialised to your exact situation and we’re not comparing the test with an intimate individual session with your foot and ankle physician. We strongly advise that if you have a sore heel, to see an expert podiatrist for a thorough investigation of your needs.

The online heel pain test can help steer you in the direction of what is happening in your heel, but it does not replace a podiatry consultation.

About The Creators

This test was created by your podiatry and physiotherapy team at PridePlus Health.