PridePlus Health Podiatry Clinic’s Exclusive Foot Solutions

When was the last time you thought about your feet? Really thought about your feet? For many of us, the answer is never, or not much more than just a quick wash and dry between the toes because mum said so… then on to your shoes to face the day and that’s about it. Well, when things go wrong and we are in pain the search for our foot solutions begins, and at PridePlus Health our podiatry team has the answers, your unique foot solutions.

With each foot being made up of so many parts, it can be difficult to recognise foot problems and in turn, determine with the right foot solution for the troubled area. PridePlus Health specialises in foot pain evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and management.

Why limit activity with your feet due to pain or injury when PridePlus Health specialises in providing foot solutions so you can enjoy a life of well-being and physical independence?

Podiatry is the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of pain, injuries and diseases related to the lower limbs, ankle and foot. Podiatrists are therefore specialists in providing the right foot solutions for the needs of your feet.

At PridePlus Health, we ensure that every aspect of your foot is evaluated from length to width, to depth, to demands, to abilities, to strengths and to our weaknesses (or challenges). An evaluation includes the joints, the muscles the tendons, the arteries, the nerves, the everything on the inside of our feet and legs as well as the outside. This way, your unique foot solutions will encompass all of the areas where improvements, optimisations and changes can be made.

From providing foot solutions for heel painpain in the ball of the foot – to custom-made orthotic innersole that fits each individual’s biochemical profile and treating foot problems caused by underlying medical conditions such as diabetes, our team of Allied Health professionals at PridePlus Health are equipped to diagnose any foot problem and yield an effective solution for your foot pain, injury or medical condition.

Foot problems can have an adverse impact on the quality of your life. PridePlus Health is dedicated to helping people achieve maximum feet health. We specialise in providing foot solutions for:

  1. Foot pain
  2. Heel pain
  3. Kids feet
  4. Custom made orthotics
  5. Diabetic foot ulcers
  6. Sports injuries
  7. Dry needling
  8. Ingrown toenails
  9. Corns and calluses
  10. Prolotherapy
  11. Physiotherapy
  12. EP


Whatever the challenge is with your feet that need an expert foot solution we can help. You can get in touch with us to work out your own foot solutions at our podiatry clinics in Pascoe Vale, Melbourne or Emerald.

Make a booking and find your answers with PridePlus Health’s foot solutions.