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do i need to see a podiatrist

Do I Need To See A Podiatrist?

If you have feet and legs and pain, you need a podiatrist.

Podiatrists specialise in assessing and managing any foot and lower limb pain or problems. This includes musculoskeletal pain or injuries, skin and nail concerns, and diabetes-related foot problems (high risk foot care). Podiatrists also specialise in the care of children’s legs and feet.

If you are unsure if it is a podiatrist you require, give us a call to find out!

Do I need a referral?

No, a referral is not required for a standard consultation. However, if you have a DVA Gold card, are being treated under WorkCover, TAC, or Medicare under the Chronic Disease Management Plan (CDM), you will need a referral from your doctor.

Does Medicare pay for my visit?

Some patients are eligible for an CDM (Chronic Disease Management) plan; please discuss with your doctor if you are eligible. CDM plans cover five consultations per calendar year. Please note these consultations are not free, they are subsidised by Medicare. Please call our clinics to discuss this further.

What should I do before my consultation?

  • Arrive 5 mins early for your appointment
  • Bring any important results, such as x-ray or ultrasound images and reports, especially those regarding your feet
  • If you’re claiming through your private health insurance, your card will be needed to claim any rebate on the day. Please note you’ll have to check whether you’re covered for podiatry and your rebate as all health providers are different!
  • If applicable bring your: DVA gold card, Medicare card, WorkCover or TAC paperwork
  • If you have been referred by your doctor or another health care professional please bring your referral with you
  • Bring any footwear (work, casual, runners) and any orthotics you may have already
  • Wear comfortable clothes, or bring shorts with you in case required for gait/running assessment
  • Remove nail polish from your toenails if your nails are in need of assessment
  • Don’t forget to bring a list of any medications you’re taking and any questions you want to ask

What will happen during my consultation?

  • A thorough medical and podiatric history will be taken
  • Assessments will be performed
    • Circulation, neurological testing, injury examination
  • Questions asked and answered
  • Your Action Plan will be determined and explained

What are the steps after my consultation?

  • Follow the Action Plan discussed during your consult
  • We will communicate with your doctor or referrer
  • You may need to get images done if requested by your podiatrist
  • Schedule a review appointment if required

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