Glenroy Podiatrist

If you're looking for the best Glenroy podiatrist specialists then you're in luck.

Located near the borders of Glenroy and Pascoe Vale is our PridePlus Health Podiatrist Clinic in Pascoe Vale.

Commencing at our current location in 2014, our Glenroy podiatrist team have been providing care to the Glenroy community for 7 years and counting.

Our podiatrists here look after hundreds of locals every month.

In our clinic, you will also find four of the most qualified and sought after podiatrists practising near the Glenroy area.

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P: (03) 9304 0500
A: 124 Kent Rd, Pascoe Vale, VIC 3044
H: Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 8:30am-3:30pm, Sun 9:30am-12:30pm

Our Leading Glenroy Podiatry Team

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Gus McSweyn

Has a way with sore feet. He's been treating injured runners and walkers with great success using a combination of excellent advice, exercise prescription, orthotics and more. Also, if there's a podiatrist who knows his shoes better, we're yet to meet them.

hannah moloney podiatrist (1)

Hannah Moloney - Podiatrist

Hannah loves looking after feet. Whether it be ingrown toenails, thick callus, corns. Anything and everything foot related. Hannah will get to the bottom of your problem, treat your needs (and feet) all with a smile.

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Ben Westaway

Ben's been looking after feet in Pascoe Vale since the our clinic opened our (hands free) doors back in 2014. In that time Ben's developed a reputation as a podiatrist who gets results. He'll help you and your feet out, and tell you a tall tale of life on the road surfing and camping in his van.

Tim Mulholland – Podiatrist

Like Ben, Tim's been looking after Glenroy feet since 2014. Tim will more than likely advise you on what you can do to stop your foot problems coming back, as well as fixing them in the first place. He value's connection and education, teaching future podiatrist's at La Trobe University when not in our clinic.

Why Visit Our Podiatrist Clinic Near Glenroy

  • Our qualified podiatrists have the knowledge and experience to investigate and treat your sore feet.
  • Our Glenroy podiatrist clinic is located across the road from Cole Reserve meaning ample street and onsite parking and close access to public transport (including the 513 bus from Glenroy station). 
  • Our clinic has our own onsite gym (called The Strong Room) which we use for all stages of injury and surgery rehabilitation.
  • We've walked the Northern Golf Club course in Glenroy enough times to know that it's no easy stroll. Looking after your feet with good shoes, strong muscles and an orthotic can help.
  • Our team at our PridePlus Health clinic include Exercise Physiologists and Physios as well. No other podiatrist clinic in or near Glenroy can come close to our holistic and all of the body approach to foot health and wellness.
  • We practice and preach our Pride Pillars. We get you results with our teamwork, goals, understanding and expertise.

Secure your podiatrist appointment with our team online

You can also make an appointment with our Exercise Physiology or Physio team via the same link. 

We're looking forward to seeing another Glenroy local in our podiatrist clinic soon.

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