Do you Suffer from Back Pain in Pascoe Vale?

You’re not alone.

Our team has helped hundreds of people in Pascoe Vale just like you get back to doing what you love by treating back pain with the latest evidence based techniques.

Considering there’s a 70% chance that every one of us will get back pain in our lives, and there’s now more than 17,000 of us living in our wonderful suburb. There’s plenty of us out here struggling with back pain every single day.

Here’s the good news.

You’re only 1 Step Away from getting your back pain treated by our caring and professional team.

We have experts like Naveena, a physiotherapist with her advanced training and title of Master of Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapy.

And Dominic, a master physio with previous strength and conditioning coaching experience as well as massage therapy in his past, present and future.

So take that step.

Book in with our physio’s today and get the best care for your back pain in Pascoe Vale.

It’s easy.

You could call us on 9304 0500 and book a time that suits you.

But phone calls are so 1999.

Now, you can book online through this nifty portal. Simply chose PridePlus - Physiotherapy and either Dominic or Naveena, and a time that suits you.

Speaking of time. We’ve got plenty of options.

Our physios are ready to treat your back pain 7 days a week.

That’s right. Sundays too. Doesn’t matter when your back pain kicks off our team will be there for you to get your moving again.

And it doesn’t have to finish there.

In our clinic in Pascoe Vale we have our very own gym which our physiotherapists use alongside our EP to facilitate strength and movement again for sore backs.

There’s options to come in one on one, or join small groups where you can make friends and support each other, or work on your own back pain treatment program.

The pathway to being back pain-free is yours.

So take that first step.

Book online and your back pain will be back in the past.

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