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announcing prideplus health

Announcing PridePlus Health

Announcing the Transformation of Pride Podiatry to PridePlus Health!

It’s with the greatest fanfare and excitement that we have expanded our suite of services beyond podiatry to now incorporate Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology at our Pascoe Vale location. The demand for our high-value care across an increasing spectrum has been too great for us to ignore and we are buzzed to now be offering so much more to our beloved community.

To learn a little about our increasing team members, you can check us out here.

To learn a little bit about PridePlus Physiotherapy experience click here.

And to learn about the PridePlus Exercise Physiology experience click here.

For those of you who have come along the journey with us from Pride Podiatry to PridePlus Health, or those interested in where we started let me tell you a story. Please, read on.

The PridePlus Health Origin Story

Let me take you back to the year 2013. Podiatrists Ben Westaway and Tim Mulholland are working full time within the public health sector and for a leading athletic footwear company. The location, the backyard of a house in Melbourne, sitting around a rickety outdoor table, cold beers in hand. As often happens when friends share a vocation and passion, the talk turned to the challenges faced within podiatry for podiatrists and our beloved clients.

The challenges varied from those high-risk patients sitting in the hospital facing the loss of a limb, or those looking to run the Melbourne Marathon and ramping up their training, and the challenges our colleagues were having finding mentors and leaders to assist their development as podiatrists.

As so often happens, an outside voice at the table, a voice of reason said, “well why don’t you do something about it you two?”

From then on every spare moment that Tim and Ben could find was spent towards planning and mapping out what this Podiatry practice would be. There was consultation with business leaders from completely different fields, hours pouring over literature both printed and posted. Listening to podcasts whilst running and training. The time spent was immense, and Ben and Tim were incredibly optimistic about the future of podiatry in Melbourne.

Fast forward to January 2014 and the first Pride Podiatry clinic opened in Pascoe Vale, and not much later, the second in Melbourne’s CBD at Collins Street.

The vision for offering quality podiatry care, throughout the scope of a podiatrists practice was coming to fruition. Eventually, two clinic locations became four, two podiatrists became seven and suddenly another challenge presented itself. The need for quality, high-value podiatry care was only the tip of the iceberg.

The people were demanding more services that align with their values and goals. As such, in late 2017 Pride Podiatry expanded our services to offer Exercise Physiology, and in 2018, Physiotherapy as well. To combine these like-minded, high value, goal focussed allied health disciplines Pride Podiatry has undergone a change, to become PridePlus Health.

The PridePlus Health values have been set down in stone and the mission is clear. Our pillars that uphold everything we do are TEAMWORK, GOALS, UNDERSTANDING and EXPERTISE.

We know your health is important to you. It’s important to us, too. And we understand your healthcare is better when we work together. We’re your dedicated team of Allied Health professionals who listen first, before we assess, diagnose, treat and educate.

Our expanded services are currently available in our Pascoe Vale location. In the CBD we recommend the amazing care provided at Collins St. In Emerald, Hills Physiotherapy are the team to see.