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Tips For Happy Holiday Feet

5 Top Tips For Happy Holiday Feet

This guy? Got to the airport and realised he forgot something. No, not his passport, or his cash, or his immunisations. No, he forgot to think feet.

Anything goes wrong with your feet while you’re away and there’s a good chance your holiday will be ruined.

Everything depends on your feet being happy.

So, what to do?

Before you head off on your well-deserved trip make sure your feet are in tip-top condition!

Our PridePlus Podiatry team bring you

5 Top tips to keep your feet happy whilst travelling

1: Sort out your feet before you leave

If you’re experiencing any pain or niggles, make sure you book your podiatry appointment well ahead of your travels to allow for any follow-up to be made, and treatments to help. if you have corns, calluses or irritating nails these can cause blisters or infections while you travel. Don’t forget to bring the footwear to your appointment that you’ll be wearing whilst away.

2: Breaking in shoes

Your footwear you plan on taking on holidays with you is super important. Take your time leading up to your trip to increase your activities in these shoes and try swapping socks around too to work out the best combinations.

3: Reduce swelling, cramping and muscle pain

All three can be addressed by investing in support stockings. During long flights, when you’re sitting upright and are inactive for a long period of time (that’s pretty much any flight from Australia to anywhere!), your circulation slows down. Get measured for the correct size support stockings so you don’t land in pain.

4: Avoid nasty infections 

Pools, spas and hotel showers are lovely warm and moist environments, just perfect for picking up tinea (athlete’s foot) and also plantar warts (verruca).. Throw a pair of thongs in your luggage and you’ll be fine.

5: Blister management

That blister you get on day one will still be annoying you on day ten. Preventing blisters is the key Blister management in tropical climates is even more important to prevent in the first place with all sorts of tropical bugs wanting to set up camp in your blistered skin.

Simple things to remember:

  • Avoid ill-fitting shoes that are either too loose or too tight
  • Avoid wearing socks and shoes that are wet – change them if your feet get sweaty or you get caught in the rain
  • Try alternating footwear up to reduce pressures on the same areas
  • Socks can reduce friction and blisters on the feet by reducing the moisture and friction on the surface of the foot. Look for socks that wick away moisture from the foot surface and socks that keep their shape and fit, to avoid any wrinkling and bunching
  • If you do get caught with a blister; resist the urge to pop it and pick at it. Dress the area and keep it clean.

Holidays? Think feet first and get yourself sorted before your trip gets ruined.